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Red Raspberry Wine

Updated: May 23, 2020

In June we will be releasing our newest variety of wine. Our red raspberry wine will be available for purchase this summer.

Freshly picked red raspberries grown in the foothills of the Swan Mountain Range near Columbia Falls, MT.

"Delicate notes of fresh ripe raspberries; this brilliantly bold blush wine holds the balance of the sweet and tart of this juicy berry."

Raspberries have always been one of my favorite fruits. While on an adventure in Alaska, I had a chance to visit a winery on the Kenai Peninsula, called Alaskan Berries. The winemaker grew all different types of berries on his property. The taste of his red raspberry wine was so unique and special. The memory I have of drinking a bottle of hand harvested raspberry wine while camping in Alaska's rugged mountains was one that has stayed with me.

A friend of mine has been growing organic raspberries for many years here in Montana. He offered me his entire harvest last summer to make into wine. The organically grown raspberries were harvested by hand on his property at the base of the Columbia Mountain in the Flathead Valley. I am honored to have an opportunity to create this organic, handcrafted red raspberry wine to enjoy with friends and family among Montana's rugged mountains and lakes.

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Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller
Dec 28, 2020

I had one bottle of your raspberry wine at Christmas. It was amazing. Cant wait for you to make more!

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